Crossfire hd 5830 xtreme with hd 5830 game edition

I believe as long as you have the same GPU you can CF. A hd5870 can CF with a hd5830, and so can a hd5850, so because they all have different stream processors, I believe you can. Just it will bring the one wih more stream processors down to as many as the one with the lowest has. Hope this helps! ;)

yes it's possible, both cards are the same. and you can also Crossfire Sapphire HD 5830 with a (XFX HD 5830 for eg)
Yep any two cards of the same model (in this case 5830) should work with any other manufacturer's version.

Only thing to keep in mind is that if their clocks are different, you should consider OCing the slower one so they are identical.

Thats weird, first time i looked i found a extreme review which stated it had something like 1400 s.p. now i look and find that's it's the same indeed ; 1120. Can't find the review from the first time nomore. Maybe looked at the 5850, i dunno. :whistle:
Well then ; Yes you can ! :D

With AMD cards you can CF cards as long as they are the same class. hd58xx with any other hd58xx as well as a hd5770 with a hd5750.

Actually I had only heard of a 5850 Xtreme until this thread ;)
Yes you can. I recommend though that you overclock the slower card or downclock the faster card so that their speeds match. If not, then one card will render frames faster than the other (which they sometimes do anyway but with different clocks this is more noticeable).

both cards are identical, we said that in the above posts