Question Crossfire in 2019 a good idea?

May 24, 2019

I'm planing to build a new PC.

But I've small question about the choice for my new graphics card.....

Should I buy 2x RX Vega 64 and put that in crossfire? Or a RTX 2080?

Is crossfire still supported in new games? Will I see a benefit from 2x RX Vega 64 instead of 1 RX Vega 64 if the game is not supporting it.....? Or will the frame rates than exactly the same?

Games that I want to play:
Forza Horizion 4
F1 2019
Battlefield 5
The Division 2
Far Cry
Crossfire and SLI are dead and probably wont come back much like PhysX has died out. Remember the game developers have to devote time and resources into implementing these technologies and give the small percent of dual card PC rigs, they aren't. Buy the single most powerful card in your budget and for your purposes.
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It is strongly rumored that In three days, on May 27th, Nvidia is going to announce a Turing architecture refresh. It seems likely that the refresh will include memory (VRAM) that is 14% faster. The less likely, although still possible rumor, is that the refreshed GPUs will be clocked higher, in addition to the faster memory. My point is that you should wait until this Monday or Tuesday before buying a RTX 2080. The hope is that the refreshed GPUs will cost the same money, but we won't know until the official announcement comes from AMD.


May 19, 2015
Do like everyone here is saying. Dont get multi-gpu setup for gaming, it is just not worth it.

I stood in a similar situation like you some years ago and chose to go the Crossfire path.. wrong decision i can tell you.
I've had multiple problems with microstutter in most ot the games, performance that did not scale very good if at all, and you have to have a beefy PSU to feed those cards.
Also you will have a lot more heat and noice generated, which you most likely will get very tired of very quickly.
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