Crossfire on GA-Z68AP-D3


Nov 11, 2011

I am updating myself for the past 2 days on the current technologies and i want to try my first Crossfire setup, but i still have a few questions. ( don't worry i am considering myself a complete dumbass for not finding the answers myself after 2 days of reading :whistle: )

I just bought a GA Z68AP-D3 mobo, with 2500 K which i'll overclock and i want to place 2 times a HD4770 in crossfire. (cooler is thermalright 120 extreme)

Info on the mobo:
here it states the following:
1*PCI-E 2.0 x16 slot
1*PCI-Ex4+3*PCI-Ex1+ 2*PCI

Here comes the stupid question?? I guess the second slot PCI ex4 is also 2.0?

The mobo gives ATI crossfire ready as it doesn't have 2 times x 16 :pfff: but i'm gonna have to work with this one. So the crossfire setup would be x16 and x4,
Now seconc question:
How bad will performance drop in comparison to 2 times x16 cause i have been reading so much information on this that i really can't make up my mind about what is true?

(maybe out of section but i bought an OCZ SSD msata nocti 30 GB to work with the mobo to get faster results, i just bought the smallest version because i can't see the use of a bigger disk as it is only working together with the existing 7200 rpm harddisk, i can't see why a game would need more than 30 GB to run. I am correct in assuming this? the 60 and 120 GB are just way more expensive )

Well to be honestly i would greatly appreciate your insights.