Crossfire second display disabled


Jun 16, 2006
So i just put together a new system.

i7 2600k
Gigabyte GA-Z68xp-ud3 motherboard
2 HIS 6950's
4gbx4 gskill ram
128gb crucial ssd

When i go into the catalyst control panel, there is no option for crossfire. Everything is just blank. I have both cards connected, powerd and the bridge connecting them. The computer is reading the card but it says the second card is disabled. I have my monitor hooked up the video card closest to the CPU and the bridge is connected. I assume there are two connections on each card in case you wanted to have three cards. I dont need to connect both bridges do i? I did not install the HIS software, i just installed the latest radeon drivers. Any ideas?

glad it worked for you, but a lot of people reported this and it's more related to hardware issues.....