Crossfire Support In Gigabyte Motherboard.


Dec 23, 2012
Hello guys, as you can see I'm new around the forums, but I hope that doesn't set me back when it comes to seeking some advice.

I am planning to build a new FM2 system around Gygabites GA-F2A85X-UP4, and AMD's A10 5800k. I have some experience with APU's, and I like making them do more than what they are supposed to. Last time I overclocked my 3670K up to 3.8GHZ from the stock 2.7.

My plan with this new build is that I want to use Crossfire within the board, not dual graphics. I am thinking about running two Sapphire 7770's Vapor X. However I am a little confused, the statistics of the board say that it does support crossfire, but the fact that it mentions ''Up to 3 VGA cards....'' does that mean that if I use two gpu's that do not run a VGA output then crossfire won't work in the motherboard?

As you can see, I am new when it comes to cross firing, is there anything else I should expect?

Thanks for your time!

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