Crosshair V Formula or Sabertooth P67? HELP!


Aug 16, 2011
Hey, I'm building a new system and getting the parts on Monday, and I'm still undecided on what to get. So I figured I'd come and ask for a hand on choosing the better option (or name another board?).

At this point in time, I've pretty much narrowed it down to two set up's, them being:

-Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth P67 (Socket 1155).
-CPU: Intel Core I5-2500K.


-Motherboard: ASUS Crosshair V Formula (AM3+).
-CPU: AMD Phenom II x6 1100t.

Is the AMD board better overall, or is the Sabertooth a better pick? I'm really struggling to make my mind here, so any comments would be appreciated.

I'm also planning on going with a Cooler Master Hyper 212+ (with a second fan later on, say two weeks time), would it be enough to overclock and keep my temps down low? Or should I go for the Cooler Master V6GT cooler? These are my only two options for coolers.

Anyways, thanks in advanced for any comments you have to give. :D

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