Crossover ethernet cable on router-notebook connection

May 17, 2018
Hello everybody.

I've recently bought a ethernet cable to connect my wifi router (which has cable entries) to my notebook, as the router's antenna is not working properly. When I set the cabled connection it only "connects" for a fraction of second and it keeps trying to reconnect. Therefore, the cabled connection doesn't work, but wifi functions normally. This cabled connection issue also happens on another notebook I have. The crossover cable also functions normally when I connect my internet modem directly to my notebooks.

I'm no expert but I've found that the cable I bought is a crossover cable, which seems to be made for "same devices" setups. However, I've also found out that there's a function called auto-MDIX on most current devices that allow crossover cables to be used normally on different device types and, therefore, the connection I'm trying to set should work.

I'd like to know if there's someone who can help me make my crossover cable work as ethernet cable on a router-notebook connection. My router's a TPLINK WR740N.

Thank you for your attention.


Oct 28, 2015
Crossover cable is used to connect two devices together without a router or switch in between. It is wired differently than a patch cable ( However it should work with Auto MDIC as you mentioned. It detects the wiring and sends data accordingly.

If it doesn't work it would be easier to replace it with a patch cable.
The speed and duplex is a hardware function you can not just make software changes to fix it.

In theory auto mdix should figure it out but many times it has issues with cross over cables. Gigabit connections have no concept of cross over and transmit and receive over all 4 pair at the same time on both ends. You might get it to work by forcing the port to 100mbit.

Not sure why they still sell cross over cables. Almost everything has gigabit ports and the 100mbps ports have supported mdix for more than 10-15 yrs.

At some point it may be simpler to just spend the $5 to get another cable