Croteam Dropped A 'Serious' Surprise: First 'Serious Sam' Game remade for VR

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Jul 31, 2015
I had a lot of fun in this game back in the day. After watching the trailer for the game I thought hey it is kinda cool that is until I went and watched a few other videos for the game from users. So unless you have the Okulus Touch setup you pretty much teleport from spot to spot which is pretty lame. The other thing I noticed is the floating guns in the air this pretty much is just as lame. Whats up with always having dual guns it seems like it makes it way to easy even more so if you shelled out the money for the touch setup. I think they should have just mad eit so it has 1 gun and used the other controller for movement forward & back & strafe side to side and of coarse use the head tracking to turn.

Poor Sam needs some arms the floating guns really take away from the experience a lot. It did seem to work a lot better with the touch setup but because they really toned it down for the VR guys that only have the basic controllers it looks like it is way to easy to play on the touch setup it really needs a setting to make it harder like the original game was. I mean in the original you had wave after wave of bad guys coming at you in this VR version it is down to a trickle of the bad guys.

So good idea always good to see some Serious Sam action but I think they kind of dropped the ball with this VR version. That is just my take on it all.


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Mar 24, 2015

I'm not sure what you're talking about here. Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter is currently only available for Vive. It will work with Touch over SteamVR, but it's not designed to work with Touch, so the controls aren't mapped correctly.

This is a Vive game. If you have an Oculus, you need Touch to attempt to play this game, but the game does NOT support gamepad input. You need motion controllers.
The teleportation method is used by the vast majority of VR games because moving with a joystick/thumbpad is uncomfortable for many people.
You do NOT need to teleport (you'd know that if you actually read my article). Thumbpad navigation is available as an option.

You haven't played many first person VR games have you? Most of them don't have modeled arms because it breaks the immersion if the modeled arm doesn't follow your actual arm.
Hovering hands may appear to "take away from the experience" when you watch from a 2D screen, but inside VR your mind doesn't notice. There's a video out there where Crytek explains why The Climb doesn't have arms.

What gives you that impression? I can't figure out where you got that idea, considering the game doesn't even support gamepads.

It does.


Aug 14, 2006
Seeing this crazy, frantic, insane game in 1:1 scale is pretty amazing. VR is the future. I've had my Vive since June, and it still blows my mind everytime I put it on.
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