CRT Monitor or LCD Monitor????


Nov 9, 2005

I would like to buy a LCD Monitor a Viewsonic or a Samsung. But after talking to a couple of persons they tell me that LCD Monitor are no good for gamer like me. They told me to re-buy a CRT Monitor. The problem is they didn't tell me what exactly is the problem with LCD Monitor. What can cause probleme with the time respond of a LCD monitor. Are we really see a difference but 20ms to 8ms and 4ms???? So i wanted to know what you guy think about that?? Should a buy a LCD or CRT Monitor? Also it would be very nice if you guy can recommend me a couple of monitor.

Thank you very much guy for your help



Jul 6, 2004
The 'best' monitors for gaming are still CRTs IMO (and your friend's opinion). That doesn't mean you can't get a 'damn good' LCD for gaming. Add that to the other advantages of LCDs and that makes it better than CRT for gaming.

The thing with an LCD being 'bad for gaming' is that LCDs take time to switch from color to color because the crystals have to physically twist in the pixel, and you can get a ghosting effect if it takes too much time. CRT is instant because it's electronic - strengthen this beam, weaken that one. There's also the issue that many LCDs are 6-bit/color instead of 8-bit (less colors and its detectable if you're real sensitive).

As always lower ms is better, but you also have to look at what they're describing with the response time - might not be comparing apples to apples (i.e., comparing black to white in one LCD, but lt gray to dk gray in another). Toms Hardware has good LCD reviews and they go into the ms myth - check them out.

Since I don't game much and still use CRTs at home, I can't make suggestions for good ones, but check some of hte more recent (few months) posts here and you'll find some good suggestions.