Review Crucial Ballistix Max RGB DDR4-4000 C18 2x16GB Review: a few Cycles Shy of Greatness


Apr 28, 2013
Bit of warning for people considering the regular Micron/Crucial Ballistix 2x16gb 3600. It seems that the older memory was dual rank and Rev E. But sometime in the near past, they have switched over to single rank and Rev B. This is disappointing (if true) as the dual rank 2x16gb are ideal. No idea if it is 100% across the board for all 2x16gb 3600 kits, or if certain manufacturers for Micron are making single rank, and others making dual rank.

My self, I cannot get an answer from Crucial on what is going on. And I know a lot of people are buying this memory expecting dual rank for their new Ryzen 5000 series builds.

Can TomsHardware use their journalistic tech influence to find out what exactly is going on? And which memory modules exactly (2x16gb as well) are single vs dual rank for their Ballistix line?