Crucial m4 - 128gb - Nforce 750i - about to toss the mobo off the balc


Jan 25, 2012

Asus p5nd - 775 - Nforce 750i - sata II (blah)

8 gigs ram ddr 2

q9550 775 2.8 ghz intel

Crucial m4 - 128 gb

GTX 460

*BT-PES321i sata 3 pciE card

Fresh clean windows 7, drive aligned. IDE mode only, mobo has no ahci

situation, tried every variation of driver/crucial to PCIE and Crucial to ASUS combination i could find.

Disturbing results. See screen shots

bottom line, i hear only bad things about using one of those PciE sata 3 cards. Stability issues, etc. Its not even faster than my sata 2 setup lol. useless **bleep**.

I need to stick with 775 - ddr2 motherboard. For now. Something nvidia graphics friendly.SLI nice but doesnt have to be so....

Planning on buying something kijiji, or clearance tigerdirect or whatever.

Any Mobo suggestions to get this SSD pumping? my results are abysmal at best atm. Im guessing for now use the Sata 2 2 - M$ drivers?

thank you for taking the time to read and opine.

m4 - PCIE - M$ drivers

m4 - PCIE - NFORCE Drivers

crucialM4 SATA2 mIcrosoft drivers


crucialM4 SATA2 NFORCE drivers (this was going so slow on 4k i had to stop! it said 30 minutes to run test **bleep**)

The card was designed for hard disk drives. It was not designed for solid state drives. It has an old controller that is not very good. It only operates on one PCI-e channel instead of four. All of that information can be found on the manufacturer's product page.

All the cheap cards are like that. Prices for a good card start at about $200.00 and go up to about $600.00. Prices for the really good high end cards start at $1,600.00.

There are no Intel Socket 775 motherboards that support SATA 3 6Gb/s ssd's. Use your motherboard's SATA 2 3Gb/s connection.



Sep 27, 2009
I can't really understand what you are saying, I read it through but you are too, how to say, ...

"I need to stick with 775 - ddr2 motherboard. For now. Something nvidia graphics friendly.SLI nice but doesnt have to be so.... "

You need to stick with your motherboard? Or not?

Ok, you are using a SATA 3 adapter card. Only thing I can think of is ensure your PCI E slot is providing enough lanes to the card.

Get a new motherboard.


Jan 25, 2012
so that sounds about right...unfortunately i wish i could keep using my processor and ddr2.

looks like i will never be able to with this rig...would need to spend the cash on new motherboard, ram & processor just to get speeds above 200mb read lol.

Any other suggestions?
No other suggestions.

There is a bit of good news. In real world performance the difference between SATA 2 and SATA 3 ssd's is negligible. Typical users will not notice any difference. You would have to run synthetic benchmarks in order to measure any difference.

Synthetic benchmarks are called synthetic for a reason. They do not reperesent real world performance. They were designed to grossly exaggerate minor differences between ssd's. Consider it an advertising gimmick.


Jan 25, 2012
so i have found a few mobo im interested in.

would you suggest p45, or the x38,48 series?

or does it really matter at this level...i know the x48 does pciE 16x16
where as the p45 only does 16x8

gigabyte seems to have some nifty x48 with 775 and ddr2 lol

does ichr9 vs 10 matter?

Any issues switching windows 7 from IDE to ahci on a new MB?
ive read there could be complications...
RODE HARD and put up WET - refers to horses and used cars, and in your case the SSD

DO NOT run so many benchmarks, You have no trim support, only CG so benchmarks will get progressively worst.

As you have noted, you need a new system.
ie a I3-xxxx, MB, and new ram - about 350->400 bucks.

Short term a <$80 MB
NOTE most of the 775 boards currently at newegg do not have very good ratings.
- Ugh factors - micro ATA MB, Probably poor OCing, When you do go to upgrade, you loose your $70 and upgrade will still be north of $400.
- You would still be limited to Sata II, but as Johnny pointed out, minimial Real life performance difference
- But you will have ahci and can use the newer Intel RST driver (ver 10.6 or later)

Added: Don't forget to do a secure erease to restore the drive!!
Just so there is no misunderstanding. Do you understand that getting another Intel Socket 775 motherboard will still restrict your ssd to SATA 2 performance levels? If you are okay with that, then the motherboard Retired Chief suggested should do providing it is compatible with your pc case, cpu, and memory.

If you want to look at other motherboards be sure to check the form factor, cpu compatability, and memory compatability. You can almost always find that information at the manufacturer's product page. You'll also need to check for the latest BIOS, chipset, and driver updates.

ICH10 - The newest Intel chipset with the latest features for Socket 775 systems is the ICH10 series. There are several variations.

AHCI - Retired Chief already mentioned doing a secure erase. When you put yiour rig together and start it for the first time, go immediately into the System BIOs and set it to AHCI mode. In addition make sure the ssd is identified as the primary/boot drive. Save the configuration, continue with the startup, and do a clean install of Microsoft Windows 7.


Jan 25, 2012
i understand thank you

I am currently looking at an x38, x48 or p45 chipset gigabit, asrock or asus.

I seem to be able to find them for under $100 at local shops.

i think this is my best option for a another year until i build a brand new rig.

thanks !


Jan 25, 2012
looks like i found a
Gigabyte UD3R x58
6 gb ocz 1600mhz
intel i7 950 (or was it 930 cant remember)

for $300

or i can waste 160 or so on that x48/38/p45 platform...

this will surely kick the snot out of my current rig right?

asus p5n-d nforce 750i
q9550 cpu 2.8ghz
8gb ocz ddr2 6400

green light? or pony up 700 bucks for a LGA 2011 kit lol



Feb 20, 2010
while I would agree that an upgrade may be the best route to take here.. the issue you are running into there is that the card being used is running off a PCI-E slot that running at PCIE revision 1/1.1 speeds.

I've seen many users of those NVidia boards simply swap the card to another slot and gain revision 2.0 speeds. You'll still be limited by that cards sata chip x1 lane restriction.. but the card will be much faster when running at full 2.0 spec speeds.

Just a freindly FYI for ya there. Good luck with it.

PS. if you have no revision 2.0 capable slots?(which is doubtful as even some of the older SB710's do).. then put it on that boards sata2 slot while set to raidmode. That will effectively run a single drive in AHCI mode. Will ned to first do the IDE to AHCI reg hack before changing sata modes in the bios like that though.

Sometimes it's also necessary to reinstall fresh with the bios setup correctly in raidmode to begin with. Some also get lucky with boot repairs too.

I just google that board and it does in fact have 2 x x16 slots running at 2.0 spec.. so I would reinvest some time getting that card setup correctly. Might save you some cash and extend the useful life of that hardware setup for a bit longer.


I just recently bought a Asus U3S6 Pci-e x 4 add on card to sort out my Nvidia 790i SSD issues.
All I can say is that it worked, not perfectly but better than being stuck with an SSD that runs terribly and constantly locks up.
It uses a Marvell controller, and will add ACHI drivers to your system.
Not sure if it is anything you might consider.
The card installs into a pci-e x16 2.0 slot and uses it as x4.
It allows you to connect 2 x Sata III 6GB drives and also as a bonus gives you 2 x USB 3.0.