Crucial M500 Vs Samsung 840 EVO


Nov 17, 2013
ok on my current computer i used to have a neutron ssd 64gb which was blazing fast.the computer booted very fast like when the 4 balls collide to make the windows 7 logo,it booted just a second before that and i was very happy with it.Then i decided to get a 500gb 840 evo so i can put my games on ssd and use mechanical drive for music movies etc. although the 840 had faster read and write speeds its real world performance was slower it booted slower than the neutron.and i dont have a defective ssd you can see 840 evo boot vids on youtube and it boots slower than other ssd's.
now i want a 480gb m500 for boot and a 960gb m500 for does the m500 boot slower or faster than the evo does it have any issues or bugs please tell me im torn!!!

sorry for bad grammer i was typing really quick as i didnt have much time

Thank You :)

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