Question Crucial M550 Firmware Update Failure


Nov 17, 2011
I installed an old SSD from a 12-year old laptop into a new system. Crucial Storage Executive says that new firmware is ready, but when the update button is clicked, it shows an error due to connection issue. There is no proxy, but it asks for proxy information as well, as if the connection error is because of proxy setting. The system drive, P3 Plus NVMe, had no problem with the update.

Crucial support page has instruction using an ISO stored in a USB drive, but it doesn't work. The method is to create a bookable drive using UUI but when I boot the system with this stick, it says that there is no operating system. and tells me to restart after removing the storage. I created d
a different bookable drive with Rufus, but the same result. Is there any other way to update the firmware?

MB: Gigabyte B650m ds3h
CPU: 7700X
- P3 Plus NVMe
- 840 Pro SATA
- 830 Pro SATA
- M550 SATA
Windows 11 Pro