News Crucial P2 NVMe M.2 SSD Arrives With Boosted Performance


The P1 struck me as a distinctly entry-level product. One thing I've liked about Crucial, over the years, is the decent value of their mid-range offerings. I'm still waiting for a mid-range NVMe drive from them - something akin to their MX-series SATA drives.

Also, I'm hoping we'll see a 3D XPoint product from them, since Crucial is owned by Micron, which partnered with Intel on the tech. So far, they've only announced (but I'm unsure if it ever shipped) a Micron server product based on 3D XPoint.
These sequential read/write numbers are rather disappointing, and would even have been disappointing even back in 2017, frankly....; with those numbers , it best come in undercutting the Intel 660/665P by 20% in cost...and better undercut the 970 EVO Plus by 40%.
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