Cryorig's 140mm QF140 Fans Finally Available As Standalone

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Sep 8, 2013
Not that great to be honest. be quiet! silent wings 3 140mm PWM are rated at 60cfm with 15.5dBa. SW3 are more expensive but thats up to the consumer if its worth spending an extra $5
Feb 18, 2016
Cryorig's site lists the QF 140 performance version at 128 CFM (@38dBA, not exactly silent). Fwiw, I haven't seen any graphs for it yet, though I'll give them the benefit of the doubt its around what they claim it is 'til proven otherwise.
CFM Ratings on fans are absolutely useless, even more so than monitor response time. Fans like any pump (a fan is essentially an air pump) have flow characteristics whereby flow changes with back pressure. So a fan may deliver:

90 cfm at 0.0 SP and 0 cfm at 1.20 SP. I may actually operate at 50 cfm @ 0.70 SP. Unfortunately there is no standard on how these figures might be presented and the most common leaves the impression that the fan can deliver 90 cfm at 1.20 SP.

Good Reading here:

"Why Static Pressure & Max Flow Specs Are Poor Measures of Fan Performance"

Which is the better fan ?

A. Cougar Vortex: Max Airflow = 70.5CFM / Static Pressure = 2.2 mm H20
B. Max Airflow = 58CFM / Static Pressure = 2.03mm H20

If you guessed A, you're wrong.

They are both great fans likely.

In my experience, more than 1000RPM for case or CPU is rarely needed though.

You'd think why not just get the one with more performance and then THROTTLE it if needed right? Price aside, when booting the computer up the fans usually ramp to max for a few seconds which can get pretty annoying.
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