Crysis 2 on Windows 8


Dec 4, 2012
I have downloaded Crysis 2 on my new machine (i7 3770K, GTX 680, 1000W Cooler Master Silent Pro)--Windows 8 Pro. This is an Amazon PC download purchase.

Cannot get the game to install--options within the wizard are "change" , repair, or uninstall. "Uninstall" is the only option I can choose within the installation wizard (i.e. only one highlighted).

I have removed the game (Revo Pro) and re-downloaded it (5 hours, NO thanks) now twice with same problem in that it will not install.




Have you tried to use the key you received from Amazon and applied it to EA's Origin client? Maybe you can download and install using EA's copy instead. If it's a game from EA or uses Steam as DRM, I usually just enter the key into the clients instead of download from Amazon.

Also, I've noticed that Windows 8 is a little weird about installing programs from time to time. Usually if I run into the problem you described, I have to reboot and the problem typically resolves itself (lets me install).