Crysis 2, quick question


Feb 15, 2012
I know I'm late BUT I just recently build a PC for myself and decided to get into PC gaming for a change ( always been a console gamer ) So I plan on getting Crysis 2 from Amazon as it's cheaper than getting it from Origin. Is their any difference besides price? Also I've read around about DX11 patches and other patches etc. where can I find these patches and the lastest ones?

I've never played the original Crysis or Warhead would I be lost in terms of story line etc?

Crysis 3 is already out for pre-order? when is that scheduled it be released?
Crysis 3 is currently being developed. The release date is expected to be April 2013... unless there are delays.

You don't need to play Crysis or Crysis: Warhead since the story has been changed enough that many fans were confused why it was going to take place a city. Other than the fact that consoles would have a very hard time rendering jungle environments. Crysis and Crysis: Warhead are both better than Crysis 2 and more demanding on your system. Crysis 2 is too much of a console FPS game; meaning you only have one path to take to get to your objective.

There should be no difference in the game whether you buy a digital download from whatever site or the actual DVD.


Oct 25, 2010
I haven't played Crysis or Crysis Warhead but I really enjoyed Crysis 2. It's not an incredibly complex storyline and the storyline doesn't really carry through very well from one game to the other so just playing Crysis 2, you should be fine.