Crysis 3 improved graphics?


Jun 5, 2010
Will Crysis 3 have better graphics than Crysis 2?

I was not impressed by the graphics of Crysis 2, to me it looked like a high-end XBOX 360 game with anti-aliasing. It wasn't until they released the DX11/High res texture pack that Crysis 2 had worthwhile graphics.

Hopefully they gave the CryEngine 3 a facelift for Crysis 3.


Nov 15, 2011
There will be a few improvements on Crysis 3. First of all, it will have DirectX 11 features already with the game this time and they made a few visual improvements with CryEngine 3 meaning there will be a few more features.
It will definitely look a little better than Crysis 2, I think, but nothing too different.
i based my opinion after looking at the alpha gameplay of C3. of course there will be improvement but it won't look much different than C2. also from the gameplay video the nanosuit are still pretty much the same as nanosuit 2 used in C2. the nanosuit used in C1 are very different.

this is not related but i find it a bit interesting about the nanosuit. going from C1 to C2 the nanosuit have drastic change to it. the gap between the two event is around 3 years. but in C3 the story takes place around 25 years after the second game and the nanosuit barely or not change at all? :kaola: