Question Crysis 3 some in-game cutscenes throttling gpu

Jun 6, 2020
17-an012dx omen laptop
I7-7700 2.8ghz
Rx 580
12g ram

Just got crysis 3 on steam and everything runs great while playing except for some cutscenes in-game, gameplay is pretty stable 1080p 60fps on high settings with 4x fxaa. But, during some cutscenes its like 45fps at best and the gpu drops from the normal 1200 down to 600 with a few jumps to 800, even after its done loading and can be skipped, but as soon as the cutscene is done it goes back to solid 60fps normal gpu usage, temps are only around 80c max too.
The main cutscenes (maybe video based?) have been fine so far, it seems like its just the intro to the level cutscenes (maybe engine based?), the mid-level cutscenes are all good too, and if i replay the bad cutscenes from the main menu they run 60fps with normal gpu usage, i even tried turning all the settings off or down to the lowest possible and those cutscenes are still dropping to a constant 45fps even though the gpu is seemingly doing basically nothing at that point.
So, i'm wondering if its just poor optimization on those loady cutscenes, or is there something on my end that could be causing it?