Crysis/ARMA 2 lag seemingly for no reason?


Aug 24, 2012
Hey there! I recently built myself a bit of a gaming computer and I have been able to run everything very smooth. That is, everything besides Crysis and ARMA 2.
It seems very strange that I can't run a 7 year old game, and a 3 year old game when I'm running
Battlefield 3 maxed out in 1080p with a solid 60 fps.

Here are my Specs;

OS: Windows 7

CPU: Bulldozer FX-8150

GPU: GTX 670

RAM: DDR3 8gb

HDD: 1TB 7200 rpm

MOBO: Asus FX990

Any driver tips or anything to help me improve performance in Highest settings would be much appreciative. And although this IS the Crysis forum, any advice to run ARMA 2 better would also be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

It's also probably worth mentioning that in Crysis the framerate doesn't change even if I lower the settings to medium or low. It runs at about 25fps and dips down to 19 or so. So I'm pretty confidant my computer can run it, but something is capping it or something. Help?



Feb 10, 2012
Since when did we become the Crysis forums or was it too much effort to remove that bit when you copied and pasted this? :non:

Incidents involving high unit counts in ARMA II can dip the FPS of the mightiest machine so FX Snoozedozer doesnt stand much chance, overclock heavily you may see some improvement.

Crysis is CPU taxing so again FX Snoozedozer is a fail here (some benches show FX 8150 lower than stock speed Phenom II's in Crysis benches) the game wont use the 4 cores (8 modules)properly, so your relying on strong per core performance which you dont have.

Open up the task manager performance tab, and then just go play games. When it starts lagging, minimize the game and check the graph.