Question Crystal Disk Info says "Caution" because of "Current Pending Sector Count"

Nov 20, 2022
Hello everyone,

Crystal Disk Info says "Caution" because of "Current Pending Sector Count" on my 1 year old external WD HDD. Also the WD Dashboard software cannot perform either quick or extended tests. It gives me an error code 7.

I'm planning on replacing the HDD immediately, however, I would like to backup my data first.

While trying to copy the data to a different HDD, Windows stopped the copying process at one point saying that a file cannot be read. I pressed the "try again" button on the explorer window (I'm German, so I don't know the what it's actually called in English), and then it proceeded to copy the files as normal.

Now I would like to know if there is any chance that the data I copy from this damaged HDD to a new HDD is potentially damaged or corrupted. Does a waring in the "Current Pending Sector Count" indicate this?

I can get the data back from somewhere else, but this would be a HUGE pain and VERY time consuming, so I'd rather just copy the files. But I'd need to be sure the files are OK.

There is also no real way to test this, since there are aroung 500.000 file sin this HDD (mostly small files) from a software. So it's hard for me to check.

I'd be glad for any help!