CrystalDiskInfo Caution for my hdd


Mar 30, 2012
Hi everyone,

I'm having problems with one of my external hdd, I started noticing problems with it when I was transfering files where at the beginning of the transfer it was the normal speed then about half way through it slowed down pretty bad, about 10 times slower. So I did a diagnostic using CrystalDiskInfo and I have these caution messages in bold:

05 173 173 140 0000000000D3 Reallocated Sectors Count
C5 200 200 __0 000000000046 Current Pending Sector Count
C6 200 200 __0 000000000046 Uncorrectable Sector Count

Here's the full list below:

(4) WDC WD15EADS-00P8B0
Enclosure : WD 15EADS External USB Device (V=1058, P=1003, sa1)
Model : WDC WD15EADS-00P8B0
Firmware : 01.00A01
Serial Number : WD-WCAVU0004830
Disk Size : 1500.3 GB (8.4/137.4/1500.3)
Buffer Size : 32767 KB
Queue Depth : 32
# of Sectors : 2930277168
Rotation Rate : Unknown
Interface : USB (Serial ATA)
Major Version : ATA8-ACS
Minor Version : ----
Transfer Mode : SATA/300
Power On Hours : 8498 hours
Power On Count : 165 count
Temparature : 23 C (73 F)
Health Status : Caution
Features : S.M.A.R.T., AAM, 48bit LBA, NCQ
APM Level : ----
AAM Level : 80FEh [OFF]

-- S.M.A.R.T. --------------------------------------------------------------
ID Cur Wor Thr RawValues(6) Attribute Name
01 168 161 _51 0000000752B6 Read Error Rate
03 201 177 _21 00000000134D Spin-Up Time
04 _98 _98 __0 0000000007D0 Start/Stop Count
05 173 173 140 0000000000D3 Reallocated Sectors Count
07 200 200 __0 000000000000 Seek Error Rate
09 _89 _89 __0 000000002132 Power-On Hours
0A 100 100 __0 000000000000 Spin Retry Count
0B 100 100 __0 000000000000 Recalibration Retries
0C 100 100 __0 0000000000A5 Power Cycle Count
C0 200 200 __0 000000000011 Power-off Retract Count
C1 197 197 __0 000000002A4A Load/Unload Cycle Count
C2 127 104 __0 000000000017 Temperature
C4 _99 _99 __0 000000000065 Reallocation Event Count
C5 200 200 __0 000000000046 Current Pending Sector Count
C6 200 200 __0 000000000046 Uncorrectable Sector Count

C7 200 200 __0 000000000000 UltraDMA CRC Error Count
C8 200 200 __0 000000000003 Write Error Rate

Does anyone know how to fix this? If it's even posssible?
I need to recover some data from another of my external hdd, do you think there might be a temporary fix so I could use this hdd temporarily just to transfer data to it so I can transfer it back to my other hdd?

Thanks for your help
Might try:
Open a cmpd prompt, Run chkdsk /F (F= Check disk for errors) OR
Chkdsk /R (R= Locates bad sectors and reovers readable information)

D3 = 211 sectors (108,320 Bytes). These sectors were found bad and remapped to the "reserve" area of the Drive.

HDDs are manuf with a "reserve area". This is very few HDDs are perfect and initially the drive is tested and any bad sectors are remapped to this reserved area and the drive has the specified size. When the user put the drive into use and then develops additional bad sectors they can then be remapped.

A HDD sector also contains alignment data and when a write has troble with a sector it will attempt to Rewite the data (hense the slow down).

When you do the "Full" Format each sector is tested, if it has a problem with the sector it will attempt to correct it by adjusting the alignment of the sector, if this does not fix it it is then marked BAD and relocated (mapped) to the reserve area. Once the reserved area has been used, you will then start to see the drive size shrink.

There should be a program that will do this without doing a full format. If a bad sector that has data on it, it will attempt to relocate the data, mark the sector as bad. It should notify you which file that is effect as you will have to check that file to make sure it was not corrupted. (ie Chkdsk).

If you continue to find additional bad sectors - BACKUP the Drive and REPLACE!!!