Question CrystalDiskInfo shows HDD health status as "Caution" due to multiple formats, and SSD with idle temp of 60°C (140°F).


Sep 20, 2019
During late 2019 - early 2020 I had computer anxiety of malware despite having used computers for a long time. Due to this I would format my boot drive HDD whenever I thought something felt off. I must've reset my computer a dozen times.

I decided to use CrystalDiskInfo today to see if I had wrote too many terabytes on my SSDs, but it showed my HDD health as caution. All errors are related to sector count so I'm guessing when I formatted it multiple times it messed it up. Luckily this isn't my boot drive anymore and could be replaced.

On another note, the idle temperature of my NVME SSD is 60° C. I searched online and it says that this is too high for an idle temperature. Under heavy load, it reaches temperatures of 67° C (152° F). Should I remount my SSD in a better ventilated position on my case.

Screenshot of SSD Stats: View:

Screenshot of HDD Stats: View:

Is my HDD donezo or is it all good?