Question crystalkdisk info and hdd regenerator discrepancy

Oct 15, 2021
Hello everyone, I've bought an hdd some time ago to use it as storage only, and after a time it started to act strange (not letting windows boot if it was connected).

Crystal disk info reported it on "caution" with c5 (current pending sector count) and c6 (uncorrectable sector count) in yellow. C5 with around 73 raw values and C6 with 73 (decimal both)
I did a low level format on the hdd and after that it shows that it's still on "caution" but now only C6 is in yellow with the 73 on raw values.
Then used HDD Regenerator to see if it would do something but it says that it has 0 bad sectors and it dis not reallocate anything, that the drive is good.
HDD regenerator told me that the hdd was in AHCI and to change it to IDE on the bios, but my bios doesn't give that option (only ahci and raid)

So, what do I do now? is it safe to still use it? Do I have to do something else? Do I search for the guy that sold it to me and shout at him? I'm open for advise.