Question CS GO high FPS but not smooth

Mar 28, 2020

I have to be precise in this problem. Firstly i will put my specs down:

-Intel i7 7700K CPU @ 4.2 GHZ
-Nvidia gtx 1060 6 GB
-motherboard B250M Mortar Artic
-memory 16 GB ddr4
-moitor BENQ XL2411 144Hz

As u can see my PC is more than enough good to play this game. I have more than 250+ FPS on almost every resoulution and i dont have any FPS drops in game, but problem is next:

-when im shooting for a bit longer (spraying) it feels so laggy
  • bad hitreg
  • enemies are faster on a trigger than me and they can see me faster (not internet problem)
-mouse precision in game feels laggy too (raw input is on)

WIth my ex-PC i had lower FPS but game feeled so better( aim, spray, etc.) than this one. Sometimes when i put new config in it is smooth but after 1 game of matchmaking or faceit it is back. It feels really laggy but not internet problem and u can feel how hard is to hit othres.

I would really appreciate if u help me i love this game so much but it seems that i will stop playing it because of this....btw im playing on semi-professional level for 8 years and i tryed a lot of internet help with this problem but nothing helps....

Thank you and sorry for my english.