CS GO LOW FPS i5 6500 + GTX 970 / HELP !

Oct 25, 2018
Hello! I am struggling with the problem of low FPS in CS for a long time. During the game, the FPS drops up to 90-100 for example on the de_cache map during a regular match. On DM or casual servers I also have fps fluctuations between 120-200. I have a 144 hz monitor and this is a mega problem for me. It seems to me that on these components should be stable 200+ FPS. I checked the use of the processor and graphics card and they are as normal as possible. I've tried everything, different configs, startup parameters, unparked cpu, disable DVR. I reinstalled the system, tried new / old graphic drivers, changed various options in the BIOS but the problem still occurs. Someone has similar equipment or had a similar problem and solved it? PLEASE HELP !!!!

Nvidia Asus Strix GTX 970 4GB
INTEL I5 6500
1TB HDD + 128SSD

I will add that I play on 1024x768 resolution and on the lowest possible details. Its really strange to me... I watched a lot of videos on youtube and users have a lot better fps and at higher resolutions and better graphic settings.


May 23, 2017
Okay, so you have an GTX 970 with an I5 6500 and running games in 1024x768 on a 144 hz monitor?

Why are you downgrading the resolution to that? i won't improve your fps that much.

Check if you are not running any big application on the background while gaming.
Check if your game is not limiting to 90 a 100 fps. it could be that v-sync is turned on.
Check if you don't have a virus or malware on your pc.

hope this helps
Oct 25, 2018
I've been playing for a long time in CS and this resolution is the best for me when it comes to gameplay. If I set the resolution higher, the problem persists, there is no difference in performance. FPS limit is not set, during the game I can have both 250 fps but during a large FPS action drop to 100-120. As I wrote, I did a computer format, I do not have any programs in the background turned on. The problem as it has previously occurred and now occurs.
CS:GO is more processor bound than GPU, if you want to have really high FPS.
This is the reason why increasing or decreasing the resolution almost does not change anything.
I5 6500 should be ok for CS:GO.
This is where you have to check a lot of things.

Aside from the normal stuffs:
- make sure you do not have anything unnecessary things running in the background
- make sure there is no viruses, malwares, etc.
- check the cpu temps and make sure there is on throttling.
- etc. etc.
I think, since CS:GO on that crazy high FPS is special, it is best also to ask around in the respective forum. Most of the people there should have more experience with the game.