CS:GO - Stutter/Jitter with 200-300 FPS & Low ping

Nov 18, 2018
Hello tom's hardware, this will be my first time posting here or anywhere for that matter about this problem I have been having for a pretty long time now. I have been trying to solve this myself by just checking out other similar threads and trying suggested fixes etc. Nothing I have tried worked and I am now desperate for a fix.

As the title describes I have stuttering/jittering in CS:GO. I play on a somewhat high level by now after investing about 5000 hours into the game and I am very passionate about CS so things like this really are a pain in the ass for me as I try to reach the higher echelons of the game. I started having this problem about a year ago now I think and at first I thought I was just imagining things since I started playing alot worse and missing easy shots etc. However after playing alot since then and on different PC's I can confidently say that my game is definitely lagging. The issue seems to occour often after I have been playing for a little while, maybe between 10 minutes to an hour. I have had similar problems in other games but it's most noticable in a high paced game like CS:GO where you really need everything to run smoothly.

To describe how the the lag feels I would call it stutter/jitter lag and it's kind of like the game loses sync with whats happening on the server so sometimes when I see someone running for example the movement of the player model is not consistent and it appears as if they sometimes skip frames on my screen. This gets worse as there are more players on the server and more action is going on. When I play deathmatch servers where it's 18-24 players connected and gunfights going on constantly I really notice it alot and it has gotten to the point where I barely play it anymore. Recently I started sort of rubberbanding randomly on these servers and when fast movements happen the walls appear to be stuttering around me as I follow them with my crosshair. For anyone out there familiar with cs when I jump or airstrafe the walls/boxes and even the ground when I land on it starts to shake aswell. The lag also seems to be more severe on some maps where mirage is the smoothest and cache the worst.

The first thing I did was to check temps of my hardware and after monitoring a few times I saw that it was all fine so I checked for any memory errors using simple memtesting in windows, I was expecting to find memory leaks but according to that test everything is fine there. I have considered to just buy a new GPU because I thought that would be the problem but after all the things I have tried I am no longer so sure about what will fix it and CSGO shouldn't really GPU intensive at all from what I have heard so I'm hoping one of you guys might have the answer.

Fractal Design Integra 750W Bronze
MSI Z170A Krait Gaming R6 Siege Edition
Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 16GB (2x8GB) / 2666MHz / DDR4
Sandisk X110 128GB
Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4.00GHz
Monitor: BenQ XL2411Z 144Hz

What I have tried so far:
- Reinstalled Windows/reinstalling drivers multiple times with full cleaning of drives
- Changing nvidia 3d settings for csgo to optimal performance, turning on/off shader cache, adjusting pre-rendered frames between all the different values.
- Changing windows power settings to performance
- Different mice
- Different nvidia driver versions/windows 10 builds/Windows 7
- Turning off xbox DVR
- Turning off nvidia shadowplay
- Tried different GPU, used friends older GTX 760 2GB. same problem persisted.
- Overclocking CPU to different values. Thought I fixed it once by turning off some bios settings like intel c-state, hyperthreading, etc. (Will update thread and make it more specific on these settings later on if needed since I dont remember them all without going into bios).
- Underclocking CPU/GPU
- Turning off/on intergrated GPU, (This was a suggested fix on the CS:GO reddit).
- Mixed around with lots of ingame CSGO settings like vsync, multicore rendering and different launch options that were suggested to me.
- Tried swapping RAM sticks around in different slots and using only 1 at a time.
- Tried different PSU, swapped to my old one (I think it was Fractal design tesla 600w).
- Tried different Monitor settings that were suggested to me for reducing input lag
- Tried unplugging my other 2 monitors and only using main one.
- Tried using Display port cable instead of DVI
- Tried swapping the GPU between the 2 PCI-E slots on the mobo
- Tried different Ethernet cable

I will keep adding to this list as people respond or I just remember stuff I haven't yet put on there.

Any help will be very much appreciated.
Nov 18, 2018

yea, I've tried display port but it didn't help :/
Nov 18, 2018
Thanks for the replies! I never get any choke % but I haven't updated bios in a while though I doubt it will do much, I will definitely still try it though.

In terms of monitoring speeds etc, do you have any program that I can use where it saves all the logs of the hardware while I'm ingame for playback and review after gaming? I've used afterburner to monitor temps, clock speeds and power usage etc but I haven't found that feature there atleast. Also are there any other programs I can use to test RAM? and if so would it detect memory leaks or do I only see that if memory spikes during game?
If you install Msi afterburner , there is additional software called riva tuner, with riva tuner you can monitor everything while playing in game.

Go to settings ofc.
Then click on monitoring tab.

Select what do you want to monitor, for example you would select
GPU Usage
GPU Temp
Core Clock
CPU Temperaute (Not CPU1, thats just for 1st core)
CPU Usage

Select it then tick down "Show In ON screen display)

And last, the riva tuner should be small blue icon in notification hidden, if not reinstall MSI Af with it, it will prompt you to install it.

Nov 18, 2018
Thank you for the easy step by step guide! I've monitored for about 1 hour of playing now and my game was running smooth for about 35 minutes before I started getting medium amount of stuttering. I'm not sure if I noticed alot of difference in the logs though, only thing I could see was that my gpu might've been running slightly hotter going between 66-70c while playing. GPU core clock went down by a few mhz, started on 1392mhz and went down to about 1360-1370mhz. GPU usage also went up slightly, maybe by 5-10% or so (up from about a constant 40%). I'm assuming this is because of the clock speed going down. gpu memory usage also went up by 100-200 mb throughout the full session and RAM went from 4gb usage to 5.5gb. CPU was the only one that didn't change by much at all clocked at 4.2ghz all the time and usage about 30-40% while maintaining 50-60c temp.

So I'm not really sure what to make of this, is the GPU throttling or are these numbers so small that it shouldn't make a difference?

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