Question CSGO FPS weird issues

Jul 2, 2019
Hi there!

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I' m having terrible fps issues. I got a pc with a GTX 1080 and i7700 (3.6MHz quadcore) intel CPU. I used to have around 300-400fps, but lately my fps has been really shitty. (around 150-200fps average, with drops below 144 often, on 144hz this hurts).

I tried nearly everything the internet suggested me...
  • Putting all settings on low
  • Boot options
  • Clean install of CSGO
  • Clearing the userdata folder
  • Killing/monitoring all other processes
  • Defragging the disk
  • Stopping virus scanner
  • Updating graphics drivers
  • Updating windows
  • Some perfmorance tweaks in windows
  • Making sure that game dvr and other inefficient stuff is turned off
  • Checking whether it is my hardware (or the temperature of my hardware). Benchmarks were actually good compared to other benchmarks (userbenchmark) and the temperatures were fine
The only two things I might still be considering are reinstalling windows or buying a new disk drive (got a really shitty HDD now, but that shouldn't matter ingame, especially with force_preload 1, right?)

Please help me :). I would do anything to reach normal fps in csgo again!