Question CSGO Low fps on high-end PC

Mar 25, 2023
9 5900x
8x2 3200
b550 aorus elite v2
corsair 750w

I wanted to play some cs so i downloaded it and it was unplayable, on deafult config and 1920x1080 i had around 150fps with stutters and drops to 80 every other second, after playing around with settings i came to the conclusion that i had to break something while optimizing my pc a while back so i installed fresh win 10 and optimized it using fr33thy's guide. After playing with my confing the best i can get is 180-220 fps on a deathmatch, the weird thing is i almost always have 92-99% gpu usage while cpu usage doesnt go over 11-13%, when going into smokes my frames drow below 100 and while playing 5v5 matchmaking i average 150-180 fps.
The things i tried:
Obv setting up XMP
Cpu OC
Clean windows
Updating to newest nvidia drivers after removing them with ddu
Using the oldest nvidia drivers
Downloading ryzen master and using the "curve optimizer"
Disabling cores 0-3 in csgo
Setting csgo to high priority
Turning on and off the "uber shaders"
Updating bios
Different power plans
Removed all config and setting files
Tried configs from youtube
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enable PBO in bios to boost your processor performance (cs:go is sensitive to high single core boost clock)
what are your gpus temperatures ? try to run furmark for stability and temperatures .
check your ram profile in bios : if your ram is running at default 2133/2400MHz that also hurts the performance in cs:go significantly .

normally you should be getting around 300-350FPS in deathmatch (depending on how many people are on the server)
in competitive 5v5 it depends on the map but generally speaking anything between 300-450FPS (not dipping below 270-280)
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Mar 25, 2023
i have it enabled, i have xmp enabled as well, cpu is around 55-65C and gpu is 65-80. Also for example in valorant i have stable 400fps full hd in a deathmatch


if this is a custom build, make sure you install the chipset drivers from the motherboard manufacturer website.
I would suggest not messing with CPU overclocking.
Use latest Nvidia drivers.
Make sure you're on the Ryzen High Performance power plan in Windows.
Either enable or disable hardware accelerated GPU scheduling in Windows (I personally leave it off)
You could even go so far as to enable ReBAR on your system if you like (if you happen to go into the BIOS again. Won't have anything to do with your CS:GO issue, just something to mess with in general for fun)