Question Csgo quits to dekstop!

Jan 22, 2019
Hello. I've recently just bought a laptop Dell Inspiron 5570 which has an AMD graphics card, 8 GB of ram, i5-8520U , and I've installed Windows 10, when I tried to update the Amd Drivers it started to get blue screen, so I've installed Windows 10 again and didn't install any gpu drivers. The blue screen was gone, but when I installed Csgo, it keeps quitting to dekstop but it returns back in like 10 sec this is so annoying when playing Competitive please help!! I've tried cl_htmlmethod, tried to disable multicore rendering but it didn't help so I enabled because it adds a lot of fps. I tried to disable Game Dvr etc but it keeps quitting and from time to time I get a freeze so I need to restart the computer. I'm so tired of this bug, if you know how to solve it please help me, thanks in advance!