Question csgo stuttering with high fps and low ping

Feb 19, 2021
Hey guys,

I have weird stuttering for months already and can't find the way to solve it.
I do play few games such as GTA, COD WARZONE, PUBG and all of these games are working smoothly and without any issues.
My only problem is CS GO which I play the most.
My FPS great, with fps_max 400 is never below 380 and with fps_max 0 it goes up to 1000...
My ping is between 7 and 30, depends on the server. I do not have any red spikes in my net_graph and SV is between 1-3 which means that my connection is stable.
With all this performance, I am facing annoying stuttering which occurs every 10-15 seconds.
I have ryzen 5 5600x processor, rtx 2060 OC - GIGABYTE GPU, 16gb ram @ 3000mhz (xmp on), everything installed on SSD.
Gpu temps are maximum 70c, Cpu temps -max 65c while gaming so it's not temperature issue.
I have all the drivers up to date including bios and chipset updated.
I am reinstalling my windows every 1-2 months (I feel better that way)
Power plan is set to high performance, my pc is optimized for gaming and I believe that there is nothing I did not try.
Every benchmark is giving me great results of my PC.
I just don't get it, playing warzone with average 160fps smooth as butter without any issues and the game I play the most(cs go) is stuttering and frustrating. I just don't get it.
I play on 144hz monitor -1ms and when checking in game ( mat_info) all the things seems allright.
I do not have too many launch options. I use only -tickrate 128 as I play only faceit, -high as I saw everyone use it and I tried without it and it's just worst and -freq 144 which is making my stuttering experience smoother :)
VSync is ofcourse off, Gsync as well as it creates input lag that I can feel.
I play with fps_max 400 because it gives me the smoothest experience and if I reduce it to 240 or 200 or 180 or just 144 because of my monitor, I have feeling like playing on 60hz monitor.
I use 1024x768 resolution with black bars and I use my own config not the downloaded one. I tried reinstalling my system many times, reinstalling cs go many times.. I just do not understand.
Everything I wrote in this post that I did to try to solve the issue is just a part of the things I did actually. It would just be too much to write and to read for the people who maybe have idea how to solve it.
Thanks, and thanks in advance for your assistance ;)
Feb 19, 2021
you have ryzen cpu drivers installed and power plan on balanced ?? just a thought
It's been mentioned by AMD themselves that their AMD specific power plans are no longer needed for Zen 3 CPUs.
Windows power plan is set on high performance.