Question CSM Support Asus Q525UA will not Boot without CSM enabled otherwise straight to BIOS


Feb 26, 2017
For whatever the reason, I have an ASUS Q525UA laptop which, I was trying to fix a problem through them, and they told me to go to BIOS and reset to the default setting in the laptop, but that did nothing except bring the laptop to the BIOS every time. I followed their instructions however, after looking on every forum and possible google on the issue, I saw a post on CSM enabled, so I tried that and the laptop boots to Windows 10, however, the fact that it does not boot with Fastboot enabled nor does the CSM option recognize unless the Secure Boot is Disabled.

My question, is there a way to have the laptop boot without the CSM enabled or am I just wishfully thinking? This was bought from Best Buy and from what I can tell the Geek Squad screwed up the replacement of the unit under their care, because the laptop when the Defaults are reset, do NOT detect a bootable drive under 0 but rather 2 under the UEFI BIOS because there is no way to change the Boot order nor is there a way to do the steps provided by ASUS to reset the errors that I was getting with a WHEI error or something like that.

So my questions are

1. Is there a way to get the Hard Drive to detect under the right port in the BIOS withouth it having to be boot under the CSM?

2. If it is detected under the right PORT 0 rather than like 2 or 3 which is what I recall it being under, will I be able to have Defaults reset and still have it boot without having to ENABLE CSM SUPPORT

3. The fact that Best Buy Geek Squad are the people who screwed this up in the first place, is it easier to fix this myself than take it to them, because, I personally think they couldn't find water if they fell out of a boat.

I am out of Warranty so they would charge me on BOTH ends because the fact that it is regardless of "who screwed it up" am I better off just leaving the CSM enabled and using it under CSM or do I have to have the laptop hard drive placed into the correct placing in the laptop for it to detect under PORT 0 in the BIOS for it to work every time they say that I need to hit F9 and reset the Defaults?

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Jared Johnson


Win 10 Master
Can you right click start
choose disk management
expand the next window so you can see all the columns in top or bottom area (show all drives)
take a screen shot and upload to an image sharing website and show a link here.

I can guess the hdd is formatted as MBR. that is why you have to have CSM enabled and Secure boot off.
MBR existed before Secure boot, it doesn't work with it.

  1. yes, formatted as GPT it can boot without CSM.
  2. the sata port its attached to doesn't have any effect on its boot method.
  3. Probably easier for you to fix.
How much info on laptop is important to you?

curious why you can't change boot order.