Question CTD and Freezing

Nov 4, 2019
Back in July I upgraded my Motherboard and CPU (B450 Motherboard and a Ryzen 2700x CPU), also currently have an Asus GTX 1060 6GB and everything ran fine until about late august/early september, Some of my games, such as Arma III and Tom Clancys Division II, would CTD, Arma III was nice enough to give me an Error that said my "graphics driver was out of date or my Graphics card was not found." i uninstalled and reinstalled my graphics driver and it still proceeded to do it over the next few days until one day its CTD'd and then froze.

I rebooted my PC to only having 1 monitor displaying picture. when i checked my driver version nothing was listed. I assume it reset to Factory? This went on for a few days where my PC would Freeze about once a day and upon rebooting i had to reinstall my drivers. for some reason it stopped resetting the drivers and freezes became less frequent. I toned down alot of my games Graphics from what they were (generally High-Very high) down to about Medium.

Everything seemed to run ok with occasional CTD's during games and uncommon Freezes where id just restart my PC and keep going. However now those same games that ran on Medium 1 month ago now have starting CTDing more frequently again and some games now have to be run on low settings. For example i'm running Ghost recon Breakpoint at about 2900 Mb Vram. if i crank it to 4GB it crashes on a card that is supposed to have 6GB of Vram. Another Ubisoft game that displays the Vram for me nicely is Rainbow Six siege which i used to run at 5200MB but now CTD's in the menu.

Other games i have Tested and had Crashes in are Black Desert Online, Battlefield V, Hearts of Iron IV, For Honor, War Thunder, Forza Horizon 4. I've had to tone down there settings to about low. In Black Desert i had to crank it down so far buildings don't even load their texture for me unless i'm within maybe 10 meters in game.

I also have noticed when my Computer Freezes only my picture freezes. If i have a youtube video playing or am talking over voice chat, the video still plays as if nothing happened and i can still talk to friends as if nothing happened.

So i am pretty much 100% sure it has to do with the Graphics Card/Driver. However i'm stumped as to whether its a driver issue or if the Graphics Card itself is hitting its end of life. I'm hoping to get some more opinions before i jump on buying a new Graphics cards.

Thank you ahead of time for any answers.

PC Tailor

What is the rest of your system spec including PSU make and model?
It may be worth removing the GPU drivers using DDU and then allowing Windows to install its own NVIDIA drivers, as Windows will use a sort of "last good known configuration".

Sooner sounds like the GPU is failing I will admit however.
Have you monitored GPU and CPU temps under load?
Do you have latest BIOS installed?
Do you have latest chipset/MB drivers installed (not using a driver updater app)?