Jun 28, 2009
I am currently going RCA out from TV to CD RCA in and am curious if adding a Pre-amp of some kind would get me more power and allow the main receiver to not work as hard thus lowering the noise. Basically I have a Sherwood RX4503 with a sub out that supposedly does 100/w per channel and my polks are capable of 500w/ch. I know when I switched from a 75/w to 100/w per they became more alive. My speakers are Polk Monitor 10B and I use a Polk 12" sub. I have moved into a high ceiling duplex and they are not enough when in my bedroom prior they were all I wanted. But I bet if I could double the watts to them they would kill. Would a preamp serve this function or do I need to get say a Denon that does 165w per channel 7.1 and run it as 2.1? What is the watts going to a stereo configuration? Does the receiver allocate it to say without doing the math 200+ per channel? Thanks.


A preamp only boosts the signal coming in to line level outputs , which your tv should already be outputting so its benefit to you is questionable. It definitely will not give you more power to the speakers. If you get one with a built in EQ you can shape your sound to you liking. IIRC the Sherwood's tone controls were rather lacking.