Question Curious case of failing system ?

Sep 26, 2021
I've got you a curious case of failing system.
What happens is as follows:
When playing games or working with full-screen high-graphics apps system randomly crashes. KINDA CRASH?
I said "kinda" because I can actually keep playing or working until screen changes entirely.
For example;
I was playing a round in Rainbow 6 Siege, at the start of a round, HUD disappears entirely. Sounds stops echoing. I can keep playing and shooting people. I can also keep talking to my team in Discord! But as soon as the round ends or I switch screen with ALT+TAB, system is dead. I can move mouse around but I can not go back to game or click anything but surprisingly I can keep talking on Discord! Only option I have is to force restart the system via button press.

To understand what happened. I set up a secondary monitor to see exactly what is going on whilst I have the error. On that screen I got CPUID HWMonitor, Gpu-Z and some other tools opened and logging. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the readings. I even tried to measure it with thermal camera in case the sensors are gone bad but the result was the same.

The paths I took to fix it:
Reinstalling drivers for every single hardware,
Downgrading drivers,
Reinstalling Windows,
Trying the driver downgrading few more times,
Switching Memories with the ones working on other PCs,
Switching M2 drive,
Switching Graphics card with the one working on other PCs,
Switching PSU,
List goes on. The only thing that I can not switch is the CPU.

I also give the most dangerous test I can find to torture the hardware to force fail it. No.. It never fails while testing. I've forced it so much that readings went up to 80c celcius with 3 different torture test was open at the same time.

So here I'm, Stuck with this problem with no solution, looking for help.

Here are the specs I've
AMD Ryzen 7 2700x running at 3,7 Ghz.
32gb Vengeance Pro Memory 8x4 running at 3200 Mhz
Asus GTX 1660 Super 6gb running w/o any overclock.
Samsung 970 Evo Pro 1tb
Gigabyte Aorus x470 rev 1.0
1000 W Psu, I don't recall the brand but something pricey.