Question Curious question about the Deepcool Tesseract


Dec 27, 2013
Hi guys so i am curious about this case because i am building a system for a friend of mine and he is going to be using my old Ryzen 5 2400G and was thinking of getting him as well a M.2 SSD for his system but was curious since i did read that some M.2's does get a little on the warm side so would the fans i would install on the side panel window help to keep it really cooled down as well as the APU cause i am planning on putting a Wraith Spire on the APU and only plan on overclocking the iGPU for him since the games he will mainly be playing anyways is Overwatch, CS GO and GTA V (which he doesn't care if that game is not on max settings).

Also the original case i was planning on going for him was this one which isn't that bad but well you know 6 fans instead of 4 total which if he was to ever use a dedicated GPU in his system i tend to find having more cooling in the system would be better so any help to know would be appreciated and thank you.