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Nov 10, 2017
With the announcement of the new Ryzen chipset using DDR5 Ram releasing supposedly in Q4 of this year I wanted to upgrade my build with a newer processor. I'm looking at the Ryzen 7 5700x for the Processor upgrade, the Motherboard and CPU Cooler to pair with it I am unsure what to pick. To know where I'm coming from my current processor and motherboard are: Ryzen 7 1700 & ASRock AB350 Pro 4 Motherboard

Below is a link to my PC Part Picker build . I have the new processor and a motherboard I was thinking to go with it (MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk) replacing what I currently have on the list, but do not have a CPU cooler in yet since I didn't know 1.) What brand would be best to go with & 2.) Air cooling or liquid. I've never done liquid cooling before so that would be something new for me if that's the suggested route. So as I mentioned I'm looking for help on picking out a motherboard and CPU Cooler to go with the new processor since I don't 100% know what would be best. Generally looking to get the parts at my local Microcenter unless there is a much better deal online somewhere. For the 5 Noctua case fans I have listed 2 are at the front for intake, 2 at the top and 1 at the back for exhaust.

At some point I was wanting to look at upgrading my monitors to something newer, maybe even going up to 1440p. Not sure if sticking with 2 or going ultrawide would be best. I game mostly single-player stuff, not to much online (nothing competitive) and do 3d work (Lightwave, 3D Max, etc.) So if there was any suggestions on that aswell, that would be good to know aswell. The Processor, Motherboard, CPU Cooler is more immediate (within 2-3 months) then the monitors which would be sometime down the line since what I have now still works fine.

Help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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I’ve got the same asrock ab350 Pro 4 board you have. You do realize that they’ve got a beta bios or so that you can drop in a 5000 series cpu?

A year or so ago I updated my bios and put a Ryzen 5 3600 in, but at some point I may get a 5700x or even a 5600 to drop in. I’ve not had any issues running the 3600 in that board, so I’ll probably just keep using the same board. If you want to save cash you may go ahead and get the 5700x, try to flash the bios and drop in the 5700x, then resell the old cpu. Especially with them changing sockets I guess I don’t want to spend more on another board.

Keep in mind with the AsRock though, I am pretty sure when I upgraded to the 3600 I had to install the bios versions in a certain order, so read their site and check that. The beta bios downloads are under the bios downloads at the bottom of the page under the other bios versions.