[SOLVED] Current Help Desk Tech thrown into New Role at work with Servers. Given a starter Project.

Mar 11, 2020
Im in Help desk but im barely starting to learn about Servers and active directory.

My project is to creating a New Active Directory File Server

Requirements per Lab instructions:

Install 6 SAS GB HArd Drives
(1) RAID-1 volume ( 2x 300GB)
(1) RAID -5 Volume ( 4 x 900GB)

Do i create the RAID Drives before installing the OS?

Then Install windows server 2016 on the RAID 1 Volume

- Apply Support Pack for Prolient servers (this is something Ive never worked with ever)

-Create a 2nd RAID-5 volume for data

Where im really stuck with is this question:

My router on the lab network has been assigned an IP address of and there is no DHCP server. You must assign a static IP to work with the routers IP. Then configure DHCP, DNS, WINS, then configure Active Directory. Plan DHCP range carefully and explain why you used it.

Im familiar with the terms, but never had hands on experience with them. I just need some guidance on how to get started and what to do?

Any feedback would help
Homework is most useful when you actually do it yourself.
But here are a couple of things to get you going:
Yes, you set up the RAID array prior to the OS install.
Then after your install, read -- there are many great step by step online resources, for example THIS ONE and THIS ONE.
Mar 11, 2020
Thanks for the help! This project is a little difficult being that I don't have the actual equipment to work on and test as I go. But slow progress is still progress.

Do you know where I can get more information on Support Pack for Prolient servers? Ive just found lots of videos on actual HP proliant Server reviews.

Also with creating a 2nd volume of RAID -5 I would assume id need to add another 3 hard drives correct. making it 9 drives in total?
RAID 5 is not as popular as it once was, even with 'only' 900 GB drives...; in the event of a drive failure, the heavy usage required in rebuilding the new drive sometimes causes another failure, resulting on loss of all data...

(RAID 0-1/RAID 10 might be better, or, better yet, if Prosumer SATA SSDs are supported, 850 Pro/860 Pros, they will be faster than SAS spinning drives anyway...; RAID 5 is 'acceptable' for quality SSDs)


And whatever RAID...it should not be used for the system drive...for the OS.
That should be on an easily backuppable single drive.
You want the system drive to be absolutely stable.

And you DO need a full backup of that, every night.