Question Current state of Navi drivers?

Aug 13, 2020
I've been looking at an upgrade for my RX580 card. I am considering a 5700 XT, but i am reading dreadful stories about driver issues. What is the current state of those drivers? Have the drivers matured enough, are these cards stable by now, are should i simply avoid the navi cards?
Jul 14, 2020
I recently aquired an RX 5700 XT by XFX, and I'm having an odd issue with a "lag" on the desktop. It probably is a driver issue, but not something mentioned in AMD's driver release notes. Generally, though, it seems that the drivers are stable, but a small percentage of users would disagree. That said, though, Nvidia doesn't seem to be doing much better from recent personal experiences with their 2000 series RTX cards.

I guess you could get the RX 5700 card, and if you're not one for the stability of the drivers, return it for a refund or exchange for an RTX.


Had a 5700xt around 6 weeks .

Had driver issues upto 3 weeks back until the latest update dropped (not severe but some random crashes to deaktop in forza horizon 4 and detroit).

Been absolutely solid as a rock since then, the performance from the 5700xt is really impressive for the price, can even run quite a few titles at 4k with a 60fps lock.
Have had an RX5700 for 6 months or so.

I have not experienced any driver-related bugs. No crashes, black screens, or stability issues to speak of, even with my card undervolted.

I have used a few different driver versions even including the very outdated ones installed by Windows and have not had issues with any revision.


Nov 24, 2019
I got my 5700 in December and I never had problems with it, even after flashing it with a 5700 xt bios and undervolting it. Well, when I first got it there was one driver issue in rainbow six siege that led to slight screen flickering in menus only, but that’s been fixed for a long time and never even affected gameplay experience. However I’ve definitely heard of many people having their fair share of issues, but I feel like many issues were user error and their incompetence led them to place the blame on the drivers rather than on themselves not knowing what they’re doing. Either way, it’s a different experience for everyone and you may or may not have issues. If I were you, though, I’d definitely give the 5700 XT a shot.