Current vhs/dvd players and analog to digital



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Sony DCR VX-2000 digital camera
Canopus Lets edit (software only)
Pinnacle studio 8 updated
Capture hardware:
Pinnacle Studio 8 card
KV8 motherobard firewire capture hardware
Radeon 9800XT caputure hardware

I'm very green at this and so far have only edited video captured from
the camera noted above.

I'll soon have a situation where I want to edit a video captured from
tape in the old vhs format one finds at video stores. Or for that
matter a DVD played on a current semi expensive player.

To capture from those sources, I'm not sure how to proceed.
(Capture hardware listed above).

Do modern vcr/dvd players have connections to allow direct to my
computer firewire or similar.

Is an external converter necessary to create a digital video from vhs
tape source? Something inserted between vcr and computer?

A general scheme of how this is done would be very handy.

I've heard of somehow involving the digital camera between analog
source and capture card to do the conversion too. Is this a good
avenue for converting?


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On Mon, 26 Apr 2004 13:30:18 -0500, Harry Putnam <>

>Sony DCR VX-2000 digital camera
>Canopus Lets edit (software only)
>Pinnacle studio 8 updated
>Capture hardware:
>Pinnacle Studio 8 card
>KV8 motherobard firewire capture hardware
>Radeon 9800XT caputure hardware

You can use the camera between the VCR and the PC, and let it digitize
to DV, which you get into the PC by means of a firewire port.

If the Radeon or Pinnacle card you speak of have a connector for
composite video, you would connect that to the VCR and capture with
the Huffyuv codec. This shall give you a better quality than DV.