Question Cursor is stuck. Resetting the PC didn’t solve it.

Feb 16, 2022
A bit randomly, my cursor started bugging last night. It disappeared and is then stuck to the bottom middle of the screen, pixel (960, 0). I can move it about an inch but it retracts immediately rendering the machine unusable. I’ve tried other mice and switching USB ports. I tried a full reset on my PC and the problem persists. When I turn on PC, the cursor is invisible, but can be moved and is strobing. After I click on “sign in” it moves to the bottom middle of my screen, so after signing in I cannot use my computer to do anything. It’s a good machine, custom gaming PC so I’d like to recover as much of it as possible. What do you think is the issue? Has malware infected my recovery partition (rootkit)? If that is the issue, what are my options? Do I remove my ssd, buy a new drive and load a fresh windows? How can I safely format the ssd and recover it afterwards?

I can post pictures if that helps.
Thank you for any help.