Curved IPS 1920x1080p 27"-34" quality monitor?


Feb 9, 2018
Hello. I'm Nick.

I'm looking for a monitor with specific specs but in the jungle that is the monitor market today I can't seem to find the right combination. Everything seems to be 1440p VA nowadays... I need a good, high-quality monitor with the specs below. No budget compromises. Let it cost what it costs. If you have any suggestions
that doesn't meet the specs, but you think might fit me based on the descriptions, feel free to mention them aswell. Thank you for reading the wall of text below.


At least as good as the AH-IPS panel on the ASUS MX279H that I currently have.
I want good color representation and bright images. I also sit close to the screen so viewing angles become even more important. I would consider VA for the black levels but I do value natural colors in movies and that "black iris" effect becomes big when you sit close. (btw, OLED isn't an option due to lack in brightness and burn-in problems)

1920 x 1080p
I want it to be native 1080p for movies and games. Due to my extremely poor eyesight I can't take advantage of sharper images anyway, and I sit around 2-3 dm (8-12 inches) away from the screen when gaming and around 4 - 5 dm for movies (15 - 20 inches). In other words, I need bigger stuff on the screen, not smaller and sharper.

Preferably 1900R or less, but milder curvature works too.
When playing games I often have to move my head to the corners of the screen in order to look at icons or text. I mainly watch movies and play EVE Online. (If you play EVE you know I gotta see them neuts in local...^^). My girlfriend and I do watch movies together sometimes on my monitor, but she isn't as picky with image quality as I am.

27" - 34"
I need at least a 27" monitor, preferably a 29" - 34". If I go bigger than my current 27" I can get bigger stuff on the screen but it does mean a bit more moving my head around. A reasonable trade-off in my opinion since I can sit a little farther away for movies with a bigger screen and the content in games become bigger (= sort of counters the increased head-movement for the larger area)

I need to be able to mount it to a monitor arm for increased flexibility in monitor placemet. (read, being able to have it slightöy over my keyboard to avoid strain on my neck)

Other features (not required):

A would-be-nice-to-have feature, but my eyes can't detect tearing so it isn't at all necessary.
FreeSync is a waste since I use nVidia, not AMD.

5 ms (or less) respone time
I don't want to downgrade anything from my current monitor, but if ms is the one thing I have to compromise a little bit to get the specs above, it wouldn't be the end of the world since I don't play FPS games.

Low blue-light and flicker free
Again, a reasonable trade-off to get the specs above. Still wouldn't hurt if they come with the display.

Refresh rate
Higher than 60hz isn't required, wouldn't complain though. :D

Built-in speaker
Useless. I have a pair of Sennheiser HD650's + DAC/AMP, nuff said.

Thank you for your patience and input. I really appriciate it! :love:


This is probably as close as it is going to get:
It is an Alienware curved, 34", 2560x1080, IPS, 160hz, low bluelight, flicker free with g-sync.

Here is a list of monitors with g-sync. It includes the panel type and resolution.

This monitor does not list PWM, but in checking here:
It says it doesn't use it. Not confirmed otherwise.


Feb 9, 2018
Thank you. Looks good. Three questions.
1. How does the ultrawide aspect ratio deal with movies? Huge blackbars at the left and right edges?

2. I would prefer a more aggressive curvature 1900R or less. Would it be bad to use the DW version of the Alienware model for 1080p content and 1080p resolutioin in games? Do you think my eyes could percieve the "non-compatible" scaling issue?

3. I see a much larger market on VA-panels with the specs i want. Would you say it would be a downgrade to go from my current monitors AH-IPS to a quality VA one? Can the colors still be pleasant/vivid on VA
at the short distance (mainly concerned about the iris effect)?


1. That depends on the movie. Some are 21:9, those will look nice on a ultrawide screen. Some are 16:9, those will have black bars on the sides. Most movies seem to be around 21:9 while most TV shows seem to be around 16:9. On my 16:9 screen, viewing movies typically leaves me with black bars on the top and bottom.

2. If you stretch 16:9 content to fit a 21:9 it will look gross. You will absolutely see it and be annoyed by it. Letterbox is the way to go on those titles (if they support it).

3. That depends on your eyeballs. I like the better VA panels. I like the deeper blacks, the higher contrast and rarely notice the off-center color issue. I use a 32" flat panel VA panel. It is calibrated and color perfect. I went with a flat screen because of photo editing. I was side-grading from a 30" 2560x1600 Dell (IPS) which was giving me some headaches because it used PWM and was moderately low in contrast. I like IPS screens but the need to look at several to find one without IPS glow was annoying. I had very little trouble adapting to this VA. However if I did color critical work more often I would have stuck with a IPS, and just gotten a larger one.

Personally, I hate the 34" monitor size. It is too short. I tried to use one, and could not. I was coming from a 30" IPS 16:10 and could not get over the lack of height.

As for the Iris effect, I don't know what you are referring to. Could you elaborate?

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