Question Custom BIOS for an XFX 580 8gb for lower temps ?


Jan 8, 2018
Hello, like 3 years ago I bought this used mining card and I asked the seller to put back the gaming bios. For the first year I never thought of looking for temps, then I installed After burner and saw my card at 82/84ºC on my games at 1080p high settings (2 fans almost full speed). I didn't like those temps so I undervolt/underclocked the card and modified the fan curve and now runs for 70/72ºc

These are the "default" values, but I don't know if it is the original BIOS. Next are the undervolt/clock values. I think the dual bios swicth doesn't change anything, as it performs the same on every game no matter the position.
GPU: from 1405Mhz to 1360 Mhz
Vcore: from 1156 mV to 1100 mV
I didn't touch the Memory: 2000Mhz/1000 mV

Is it posible to find a BIOS with lower clocks/ Vcore and a better fan curve? So if I sell the card at anytime, it will perform cooler out of the box without anyone having to play with the numbers.
Or is it a way I can modify the BIOS?

Thank you very much.