Question Custom Build for Music Production Only

Dec 8, 2021
Hey guys. I am wanting to build a PC strictly for music production only. Recording, gaming or streaming whatsoever..I do use alot of plug-ins at is a list of components I have gathered through some research. The Godlike motherboard maybe overkill for my needs but please, let me know what you think. Thanks and all the best.

Motherboard - MSI Godlike Z490
CPU - Intel Core i7 - 10700k
Memory - Corsair Vengeance DDR4 LPX 32GB (2X16)
SSD - Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB
Cooling Fan - Noctua NH-D15S
PSU - Seasonic 750 W Platnum
Case - Fractal Design Meshify 2 Glass
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Dec 2, 2021
I know of someone who does music production for most of his living and I don't think his equipment is as high end as what you've listed.

But I do know he is quite cranky about the music production software he uses, so I'd guess that is more important than the hardware. He gets quite wound up about stuff like latency. Maybe you've got that all figured out as well.
Intel Core i7-11700 $319.99



What music production application(s) will you be using?

Most software applications provide a listing of hardware requirements in the form of "minimum", "recommended", and "best".

You do not want "minimum" and you do want as much "best" as you can afford.

What is your budget?

If the components you have in mind exceed the application's hardware requirements and are within budget then you should be good to go.

However do consider any component suggestions being offered. Choosing those components may be immediately beneficial and allow room for growth.


Oct 31, 2012
If you are doing straight up music production only, the parts you have picked out will do just fine. I myself run a home project studio and have been heavily into audio and video editing for over 20 years. My system is a 'high end one' if you will, but I also do video editing a a little bit of gaming. I have built smaller systems for guys who want just music production though.

I would not go any lower then 16 gigs of ram, but you have 32 planned. That'll do well for you. You have an 8 core CPU selected. Also good.

I personally am a huge fan of Reaper as my DAW. It's only $60 and you get all the updates free for whatever version number you buy. So if you buy version 6, all updates are free until the next version number comes out. Technically, it doesn't lock you out of using it if you don't pay for it, but it's a full fledged DAW that can do everything all the big names can do, and it's only $60, and the tech support is all over. Great following, great help avalable. Buy the license.

A big part of music production and CPU usage also has to deal with the audio interface If you are looking for an audio interface, I can not recommend Focusrite units enough. They are amazing. I ran a Scarlet 18i20 2nd gen on my desktop for 5 years and a 6i6 to match on my laptop. Just this past year I upgraded to the Clarette 8Pre USB and the 4Pre USB for my laptop. Great pre-amps and rock solid drivers all around on all of them! The buffer settings can be pulled super low for no latency while tracking live, and turned way up for mixing sessions that have a boatload of plugins going to keep your CPU from being bogged down.

Good luck with your build and your projects!
Feb 12, 2021
I think it's a strong list for any music production. But it's also important to know what programs/apps you will use while working. Do you have a list? I've tried using many apps while working on my own music but still couldn't find the best for producing. So, I'm really interested to know what's your choice. My music career was about to fall down but after I did some music marketing the situation got better. Too bad they can't help with producing too.
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I have no expertise on sound.
But, since you are buying new, I would plan on using a current 12th gen processor.
The MSI 470 godlike is a very expensive motherboard designed for overclocking.
A simple Z690 based motherboard and a I7-12600K would have the same 16 threads and perform better.
If your processing is multithreaded, then a 12700K or even 12900K would offer more threads. 20 and 24 respectively.
I like the rest of your parts list.