Custom build help and advice needed


May 2, 2012
I am currently looking at building my first custom computer. However im still in the early stages of research and my computer knowledge is on the slim side.
I plan on connecting this custom PC to my 55inch HDTV LED samsung smart tv so i can download and watch HD movies through it as well as playing the odd game on it (will buy a monitor as well for gaming so wont always be used on tv). I play World of warcraft, starcraft 2 and will be playing diablo 3 when its released. At my current residence, i am playing wow on wireless internet and until i change residence i will remain on wireless so i'll need a good internal or external network adapter as well. I want to be able to put together a system so i can get the most optimum performance of gaming speed and graphics on my HDTV at my budget.
My budget is roughtly $2000 aus give or take a couple hundred (keep in mind that hardware is slightly more expensive in aus) not including a monitor.
If anyone can help or suggest a few builds/components, it would be much appreciated!
Thankyou in advance! =)