Question Custom build randomly crashes/freezes/BSODs

Sep 18, 2019
Previously posted on Reddit, but I have not gotten any help from there
  • I built my computer using new components in April 2019
    • Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit
    • i9-990k
    • 2xCorsair Vengeance LPX 16gb RAM (32gb total)
    • EVGA Geforce GTX 1080 Founders Edition(4gb)
    • 2x1863gb Western Digital WDC SSDs
    • MPG Z390 GAMING EDGE AC Motherboard
    • EVGA supernova NEX750B PSU
    • NZXT h500i Case
    • Kraken x52-02 240mm AIO
    • Corsair K70 Keyboard
    • Razer Naga Chroma
    • Surround Monitor Controller (Model 2489) plugged in for audio.
  • Plugged into the computer I have 3 monitors and an HTC VIVE (Issues were noticed prior to the installation of the HTC VIVE)
  • I have some crash dumps saved on hand from when I was saving them, there aren't many, but I hope some will help if needed(My old computer prior to this one also had 3 monitors with an i5 and a 970 and it did not crash)
Issues to-date:
  1. GPU tends to reach 82 degrees C when playing games, most noticeably in Destiny 2, where I believe it caps out at 82
  2. While playing games (such as Destiny 2), the computer will sometimes freeze and make a loud shrieking sound, forcing me to power off the computer.
    1. While playing destiny, I tend to have 2-4 chrome tabs open, with discord running in the background.
      1. This issue also happened while using opera instead of chrome
  3. While browsing chrome, the computer will sometimes lock up, much like when playing destiny
  4. Sometimes, the computer, while watching some youtube on chrome, will become unresponsive, then a BSOD happens
    1. I notice this because when I attempt to click on links or other features on chrome, the browser is unresponsive, the video is also frozen, but audio can still be heard. If I open task manager in this state, no applications appear in the window.
  5. Usually, I just leave the computer on, with no applications running in the background, and it would still crash.
  6. Sometimes the computer crashes while in sleep mode
    1. I notice this because I will come back to my computer and it'll be on my lock screen
      1. I turned off the power features that send the computer to lock screen after some time
What I have attempted so far to uncover what is plaguing my computer:
  1. Swapped GPUs
    1. I have swapped my 1080 for my 970 as I believed the 1080 was getting too hot for the computer
      1. Once I did the swap, the computer still crashed/BSOD
      2. I swapped from the 970 to a different 1080, my current one, and it still crashes.
  2. Ran the computer with limited displays, still crashed
  3. Re-installed windows 3 times
    1. Each time it crashed multiple times
  4. Re-installed drivers for all components
  5. Ran memtest for the RAM for about 18 hours
    1. No issues there
    2. I also ran the computer with one stick at a time to see if it crashed with each one (it did, so I am fairly certain it is not the RAM)
  6. Updated the BIOS for my motherboard
    1. Still has issues
I am planning to switch the motherboard out to a test board that can support an i9 to test if it is my motherboard, but this won't happen for another few weeks.
Sep 18, 2019
Try using the latency monitor program in the background for a while as you game and surf. See what it comes up with as far a driver problems. There are other programs that may interest you also on the site. Also try turning off hardware acceleration in the browser settings.
How would I see driver problems? I've downloaded WhySoSlow, LatencyMon and WhoCrashed. I've also turned off hardware acceleration, but it's still been crashing


Mar 31, 2019
Did you run the latency monitor in background while using computer? Then check the report it gives. It will tell you if there is a problem with certain programs. Post the report and I will look at it for you.

Vic 40

Can you check voltages the next way?

download hwinfo64,
install and open it,
check "sensors-only",
click "run".
make a screenhot of the psu voltages if you can,try to do this under load. Can use Imgur to post a picture here,

You can use Imgur to post a picture here,use the "img" link.
Click "new post" ->choose "upload images" -> "browse" ->choose the picture and click "open" ->put cursor on the picture that you uploaded->choose "share links" and copy the img link,paste it in your next post.