Jul 22, 2011
I somehow have been able to register and very much relieved.. partially though.. :)
Posting my problem once again..

Rig Config: Intel i5 2400
Mobo: Intel DH67BL-B3
RAM: 1x3GB DDR3 @1333mhz. Dynet Brand

OS: Win7 (64 bit)
No updates been performed on the OS as i just assembled the rig.

Problem Being faced:-
My system freezes at times, esp while playing flash based games.. or simply while browsing. This freezing problem is random but surely while i am working on it. I leave the comp for downloading torrents in std by mode and it works fine wen i am gone. Freezing issue is absolutely randomly observed.
Is this due to the fact cuz i have 3 sticks of RAM installed ??

Pls do help me guys.. Important office work held up.. :(
I'd take a guess and say that you might have a bad stick of RAM. Are they all the exact same model with the same speed and timings? In principle, 2 sticks will run a bit faster than 3 (dual-channel vs. single-channel), but it shouldn't cause freezing.

Try booting with 1 stick in the first slot and change sticks - you might be able to identify any problems and isolate it to one stick.