Feb 20, 2022
My custom built PC ( Yes I built it myself and probably messed it up first time builder ) when booted up will slowly over a span between 8 - 10 min will lock up and not respond; can't wake it from sleep, screen still on try to interact / move mouse no response and the only thing that brings it back is a manual pushing of the power button and pressing again to power it back up.

PC is running Windows 10
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 K
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1660 6GB
C drive: Crucial 1TB Gigabyte M.2
RAM: 32 GB ( 2 x 16 GB ) Corsair
MB : Asus B-450M-A
PSU : Silverstone 650W 80Plus platinum

CPU temps usually when idle at 60c
GPU sits around 35c

I will post more about the problem and build specs if asked.
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