Question Custom Coloring My Drop Shift Mechanical Keyboard


Nov 5, 2017
i need some advice on Custom painting My Drop Shift Mechanical Keyboard

Anodized Aluminum (Gray, Barebones

iv got two cam of spray paint for Anodized Aluminum an steel from Montana Cans

a matte black an a blood orange , my question is can i apply straight on to the grey metal an do about 3 coats or do i or should i do a base coat or white first ?

this is my desired color scheme concept


correct me if im wrong but thers a removable frame over the switch inserts that is screwed on from behind va four screws that can be removed so i could spray that frame interdependently from the main

an cover the switch inserts with painters tape an painters tape around the side led strip like crown molding so as to do the front an back cleanly

my two spray paints for prep an coloring are

Montana Ultra Wide 750ml as final coat (at least 3)

Montana Black Spray Paint-9100 Snow White as prep . base coat

spec for custom parts are

Retro Steampunk Keycaps Set, 104 Translucent Backlight Key Caps

and 1 x of Kailh BOX Ancient Gray - Plate Mount - Linear- 90 Pack (Kailh) & 1 Kailh BOX Ancient Gray - Plate Mount - Linear- 10 Pack (Kailh)

an Glorious Mechanical Keyboard O-Ring - Switch Dampeners ( G40-THIN )
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This keyboard?

Also google for "Building up the Drop Shift (Review/Fun Build Showing) " - reddit link.

The second link provides some additional insight into the keyboard - just "food for thought".

Not disagreeing with your plans and desires.

The design may be cool and look nice - however, eventually the novelty will wear off. And the paint adds no functionality and could even cause problems later on.

In addition, that seems to be a rather expensive keyboard to put at risk by painting etc..

And void any warranty as well.

Plus if the paint does not adhere and starts flaking off then there will be more of a mess.

Keys could also start to stick. Tolerances may be tight.

My advice: do not paint the keyboard.