Question Custom computer/office desk

Jun 18, 2019
For years I've been using a very cheap Argos office desk and now it's time for an upgrade. There were very little quality tables to choose from so I've decided to go down the route of making my own.

Has anyone else done this? Or has anyone ordered from a company who will source, cut to size and deliver a solid oak board? I was looking at kitchen work surface websites (e.g. Worktop-Express or Barncrest) for this, but not sure if there's a better place to purchase...

As for the legs, I may just get these from Ikea - but if anyone has any better suggestions I'm all ears!

Many thanks!


Go online.

Google "DIY computer desk" [DIY = "Do it yourself"]

There are dozens of ideas and images. You can vary the search criteria to narrow the search if you see ideas that you like and wish to see more examples.

One of the easiest is a slab door across two 2-drawer filing cabinets. Or some counter top section via big box lumber company or cabinet store.

Lots of possibilities overall. Fun project.
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Do you have tools for woodworking and any experience? It takes a lot more time than you would think. It's also considerably more difficult to get cuts right and to design it to be stiff .

That being said. It is quite nice to DIY. I've been doing so for quite a few years. it's quite relaxing work if you like construction.

Expect to spend four to six days for a moderate project of that size. Besides design and construction. All the sanding, conditioning, staining and finishing passes take a long time.